365 Project Day 16



You might have noticed that I have several Instagram images turning up in my 365 project. While many “serious” photographers sneer at camera phones, toy cameras etc, I use a variety of cameras based on whatever does the job the way I need it to. My phone camera actually does a surprisingly good job at allowing me to take great images. It’s actually better at a close up wide angle than my dslr. Of course, it doesn’t have the resolution the dslr does, but since these images are not for my portfolio or for sale, that then doesn’t apply. What these images are for is to practise my trade, improve my skills, concentrate on specific things such as composition and just get off my ass and create new images. And quite frankly, the easier the tool is to use, the easier that job can be.

So here’s todays images. The view out back. And one tossed in of the kitty ’cause she’s so damn cute I had to share.


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