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365 Project Day 52


This image really works for me. The subject isn’t the bright blinds, but the less seen detail outside. I really like the contrast between the two.

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365 Project Day 51


And here’s day 51.

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There’s some wonderful shops on Main Street that look all the more beautiful at night. Chandeliers, stained glass windows…..

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Shadows on the wall


One of these images you’ll ┬áhave seen before from day 15. I loved it so much, I had to create a series of them.

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365 Project Day 49


A little more in the botanical theme for day 49.

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365 Project Day 47


Vroom, vroom. A trio of motorcycles for day 47.

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365 Project Day 43


Day 43. Old equipment looks so much more interesting.

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365 Project Day 44


And day 44. A little evening baking.

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