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365 Day 9


Day 9 and I found this lively fellow out back. With a roar.

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365 Day 3


Well, I wasn’t feeling all fired up today for anything really. Picking up my camera certainly helps with the blues and gets me some energy. With the theme of around the house, I have no shortage of possibilities and today, they come in pairs.


My desk buddies.

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Macro kitty


While only one post is required for my 365 project, once I start shooting, I’m usually doing quite a bit. It’s so easy with digital, and frankly, for macro work, wonderful to have that. So here are a few more from yesterday, of a pesky kitty that wouldn’t sit still but neither does most of the stuff I shoot macro, so it’s good practise.

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365 Project


Can you tell what this is?


I’ve started a 365 project. I’m not shooting enough and I figure, like many people, this will get me doing so each day. These will be mostly digital images, since I don’t have a half decent scanner and I won’t be going to the darkroom to do a roll of film a day. I may post some now and then, but don’t count on it.

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