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What do I see when I look for images?

Well, I see a lot of small details many people don’t notice. This is pretty common I think for photographers and artists in general. As observers, it’s the details that catch our eye, that make us think, that spark something for us.

While looking around my place for the latest entry in my 365 project, I at first thought, “my house is pretty boring”. But as I looked around, and let go of that rather unhelpful thought, it was easy to see things that were a little different, a little unusual. Details like that are everywhere, but you have to develop the habit of really looking to notice them. So often we go on autopilot, not really paying attention to what is around us. If I let myself be stopped by the thought of my place being boring, I wouldn’t even bother looking beyond that thought.

To give you an example of what catches my attention, I thought I’d post this little video clip. I noticed this amazing pattern of moving light, just in the middle of my living room floor as the sun came in through the blinds. I was entranced. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really capture what I saw, with my camera, as it was the ┬ámovement that really caught my eye. But that is part of the magic of photography, when it works, and sometimes, you really just can’t translate the 3D world into a 2D image that communicates the true flavour of something.

Dancing light

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